STEP is our Student Teacher Education Program.

The Dance Corner’s Student Teacher Education Program gives students the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques necessary to be a successful dance instructor.

The program aims to promote the love of dance and knowledge of proper instructional methods and techniques to students.

The program is designed to give every STEP assistant an equal opportunity to participate in the educational process of being a student teacher. The STEP program provides students with the tools to become confident, hardworking, well-informed and eager dance educators and leaders.

Educational Objectives:

  • Develop leadership skills and work ethic
  • Learn mentoring skills
  • Enhance personal understanding of dance technique
  • Increase self-confidence, respect and poise
  • Learn to appreciate dance, classrooms and overall instruction from a new perspective
  • Develop problem solving and customer relations skills
  • Be a positive role model for young children

Academic and Career Benefits:

  • May request letters for recommendation for college applications from TDC staff
  • Earn points towards induction into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts
  • Mentoring and working with children is an asset on college applications
  • May qualify for volunteer hours in some school districts


  • Minimum age- 11
  • Enrolled in at least 1 years of dance at The Dance Corner
  • Commitment to STEP team for the entire season (September thru June)
  • Understand that there may be rehearsals and additional training or activities required outside of your regular weekly STEP class time
  • Agree to arrive 10 minutes early for class and stay after class until all students are safely with their parents.
  • Agree to follow The Dance Corner dress code