Class Descriptions

The Dance Corner is dedicated to providing its students with a well-rounded education in all facets of dance. Our classes emphasize correct technique, fundamentals and a familiarization of the dance vocabulary.

What to expect on your first day of one of our Early Learning Programs

Baby Dance with Me Logo

Ages 14 months-2 years and their caregiver
Baby Dance With Me!  is a 30 minute movement and music class designed for little movers 14 months to 2 years and their caregiver. The class is the perfect introduction to music and movement for the very young child not ready to separate but ready to explore in a nurturing learning environment. The basic elements of dance are introduced in a positive and loving way using props such as scarves, stuffed animals and musical instruments. Caregivers (in comfortable clothing) and children participate together throughout the class. Little movers must be walking. 5-week sessions of Baby Dance With Me are offered through out the year.

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Twinkle Twos Logo

Ages 2-3
A thirty-minute introductory dance class for toddlers containing ballet and creative movement. Students are introduced to basic ballet vocabulary while exploring movement and music in a fun, creative way. Our instructors use imagination games, upbeat age-appropriate to inspire and excite students about dance. Students will also work on classroom skills such as following directions, listening, and working with others. This class is a positive and fun first dance experience for all! We encourage new students younger than 3 1/2 to try the Twinkle Twos class.

Tutus and Tumble Logo

Ages 3-4
This is a creative movement class for our tiniest tumblers and ballerinas! Boys and girls will work on gross motor skills and progress to forward rolls and handstands.

Pre-stars Dance Logo

Ages 3 1/2-5
A 55 minute class for pre-schoolers containing ballet, tap, and creative movement. Dancers will learn basic steps and terminology in ballet and tap and explore their own creative movement styles through the use of imaginative music and games in a safe, positive environment. Dancers in this class will improve flexibility and coordination through fun, age-appropriate movement, and exercises. Our instructors use imagination games, upbeat age-appropriate music to inspire and excite students about dance. Students will also work on classroom skills such as following directions, listening, and working with others. Placement Notes: It is highly recommended that Pre-Stars students be at least 3 ½ by October 1st. Students younger than this should consider the Twinkle Twos class for their first dance experience.

Ages 4-6
This high energy class teaches rhythm, coordination, and balance through age-appropriate movements set to fun upbeat music. Hip Hop instills rhythm and helps young dancers develop muscle memory. This style is upbeat and great for girls and boys who like to move and are not excited about the traditional ballet and tap classes.

Kinder-Stars Dance Logo

Ages 5-6
A class for kindergartners containing ballet, tap and creative movement. This class introduces young dancers to two styles of dance and inspires them to explore their own movement style in a positive environment. Dancers will also learn basic steps and terminology in ballet and tap. Dancers in this class will improve flexibility and coordination through fun, age appropriate movement games and exercises designed to engage young dancers” minds and bodies.Placement Notes: It is highly recommended that Kinder-stars students be at least 5 years old by October 1st. Students younger than this should consider the Pre-Stars class for their dance experience.

Jr Cheer & Tumble

Junior Cheer & Tumble (Ages 6-8):

This class incorporates basic tumbling progressions and cheer fundamentals. Students will work on basic progressions: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, handstand drills, cart-wheels, and round-offs. Students will also learn cheer motions, jumps, stunts & fun cheers!

The Dance Corner Kid Tumble Logo

Kid Tumble is a beginner class that focuses on the fundamentals of tumbling such as basic progressions including forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, and bridges. Emphasis is placed on strength, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility and safety.

Tumble 1 focuses on building strength and flexibility as well as tumbling skills such as cartwheels, bridges, walkovers, handstands and limbers. Emphasis is placed on strength, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility and safety.

The Dance Corner Tumble 2 Logo

Students must be able to do a backbend to enroll in this class. This class is geared for students who have mastered the basic tumbling skills (Tumble 1) and are ready to move on. Skills include multiple cartwheels, two-step entry into a round-off, and back handspring drills.

Our advanced tumbling classes focus on developing flexibility, strength and advanced tumbling skills such as side aerials, back handsprings, back tucks and more. Students will focus on finishing tricks once they have achieved them and combining advanced tricks.


Ballet is the basic foundation of most dance styles and develops discipline and technique that is essential to most modern forms of dance as well as proper posture, placement, alignment.


Pointe is offered for students age twelve or older, who have studied ballet at The Dance Corner for at least three years and are taking two or more dance classes a week (including ballet). Dancers interested in dancing en pointe should take this class in addition to a regular weekly ballet class. Instructor permission is required for Pointe classes.



Jazz is rhythmic stylized dancing that is energetic and fun and set to jazz, R&B, ethnic, and pop music. It focuses on rhythm, leaps and turns. Emphasis is placed on proper technique and alignment.

Tap Classes at The Dance Corner


Tap is a style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork and rhythms. Our tap classes stress the basics of tap while also teaching musicality and rhythm. Try tap for fun and fitness.

Lyrical Dance


Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz, with expressive motions that tell a story. Students will learn lyrical technique along with how to express emotion through movement.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary & Modern Dance

These classes blend elements of Contemporary and Modern dance, such as freedom of expression, interpretation of music, principles of fall and recovery, control, breathing, balance and contraction/release. Teachers incorporate an eclectic blend of contemporary and post-modern movement into their classes. Modern and Contemporary Dance forms allow students to explore their individual dance style outside of the structure of traditional ballet and jazz classes.

Irish Step Dancing

Irish Step

Offered for boys and girls of age 6 and up. Our beginner class is an introduction to Irish Dance technique and basic soft shoe movements focusing on balance and musicality. Students will learn basic movements, counting the beats and having fun while Irish dancing! More advanced students continue building strength and musicality as they learn the fundamental and essentials of traditional Irish dance.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop encompasses many different urban dance styles such as poppin’, locking, breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Our Hip Hop classes teach rhythm, coordination, musicality and choreography without suggestive music or movements. Students are challenged to think on their feet while enjoying an energetic and fast-paced dance class. Our Hip Hop dancers develop focus, strength, and agility while having fun. This is an excellent class for high-energy kids who want to take a fast and fun dance class.

Disney on Broadway

Musical Theater mimics Broadway performances and is fun, energetic, showy, and stylized. Emphasis is placed on developing proper technique as well as a sense of presentation and style. Our musical theater programs are for ages 6 and up and vary in length from mini-sessions to our full season that runs September to June.